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Parking & Shuttle

Upon arrival at our premises, park your vehicle in our arrivals area and pay our parking team.

After a quick damage check, you’ll hand over your car key. Our trained parking team will then take care of parking your vehicle, so you can relax into holiday mode and we can optimise the use of our parking bays through efficient parking. Throughout the entire parking period, your vehicle will only be driven between our company premises (arrival/departure area, short-term and long-term car park), and the key will be stored safely.

Once your luggage has been securely loaded into the shuttle, this shuttle will take you to Frankfurt-Hahn airport free of charge. It will stop at the shuttle stop right outside Terminal B (maximum 6 persons per trip).

Once you have arrived back and collected your luggage, give us a call and our shuttle will come and pick you up from the shuttle stop outside Terminal B. 
The return shuttle to your vehicle is also free of charge.