General Terms & Conditions

All services provided by Parkhof Hahn are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. The version applicable at the date the contract was concluded along with the pertinent statutory legal provisions shall apply accordingly. When the Customer makes a booking or uses the service (handing over the keys or vehicle), whichever occurs first, they declare their consent to these T&Cs, which can be found on the company website ( or at reception on the company premises.

Scope of Validity

These Terms and Conditions govern all contractual relationships and services between Parkhof Hahn and the Customer, who uses services offered by Parkhof Hahn. Any deviating provisions or T&Cs are not recognized. In the case of any references to a price list in these T&Cs, the respective list can be viewed on the company website ( or at reception on the company premises independent of these T&Cs.


You can view all services offered by Parkhof Hahn online and book them on the phone or on site. A contract for the booked services shall be concluded between Parkhof Hahn and the Customer upon booking or use of a service, whichever occurs first. If a booking is made on behalf of the Customer by a third party, the third party shall be liable towards Parkhof Hahn as the purchasing party along with the Customer as the co-debtor for all obligations arising from the contract. Notwithstanding the above, each purchasing party is required to forward all information regarding the booking, in particular these Terms and Conditions, to the Customer.


Parkhof Hahn is required to ensure the availability of services booked by the Customer under these T&Cs and to perform the agreed services. This contract covers the renting of a parking space for motor vehicles (car or motorbike) for the booked rental period subject to the terms listed in these T&Cs. The provision of this service requires the Customer to hand over their vehicle key, which will be safely stored by Parkhof Hahn until the Customer’s return. The safekeeping and surveillance of the vehicle along with other care duties, particularly fiduciary duties, are not covered by the contract. The Customer is at liberty to decide whether to walk to the airport or use our shuttle service for a fee. The shuttle is also available at short notice if flights are delayed on departure or arrival. By confirming the booking, the Customer obtains the right to park their vehicle in a parking space on the Parkhof Hahn company premises for the duration of the period booked. Once parked by the Customer in the arrivals/departures area, Parkhof Hahn will repark the vehicle in the short-term or long-term parking area shortly thereafter. The long-term parking area is an additional covered area around 4 km from the airport. Accordingly, Parkhof Hahn shall be permitted to drive the vehicle on public roads. The Customer must ensure that their vehicle is registered for usage on public roads.

Parkhof Hahn reserves the right to have parked vehicles removed from the premises at the expense and risk of the respective Customer if, for example:

  • the rental agreement has come to an end, and it cannot contact the Customer;
  • a parked vehicle represents a general hazard due to a fault (e.g., leaking tank);
  • a parked vehicle has not been legally registered or has been deemed no longer roadworthy by the authorities during the rental period;
  • the vehicle has been parked without authorization.

General traffic regulations are in force on the premises, including at the entrances and exits. The Customer must comply with all legal provisions in addition to all orders issued by the police and staff at Parkhof Hahn. The Customer shall be liable for leaking oil or other fluids leaking from a parked vehicle and all contamination that may occur as a result. If the soil or groundwater are contaminated, this shall be remedied by an authorized specialist firm at the Customer's expense. In this case, the Customer shall not be entitled to undertake the cleaning themself. Overnight stays are not permitted on the premises. The use of the parking space for any other purpose than parking authorized vehicles is not permitted; a transfer of usage rights to third parties is likewise not permitted.

Fees and payment terms

The price applied by Parkhof Hahn at the time the contract is concluded, which can be viewed on the company website ( and at reception on the company premises, shall be used to calculate the price. The stated price includes statutory VAT. Dates are calculated on the basis of full calendar days from the time of entry into the parking area. The final fee for the agreed service is governed by the daily rate applicable at the time and the number of booked days, unless the Customer exceeds the booking period – including when this occurs unintentionally. Parkhof Hahn may refuse to hand over the parked vehicle until the invoice price has been paid in full along with any additional compensation for use, if applicable. Parkhof Hahn is granted a lien over the vehicle and the items found in the vehicle. Payment takes place on the departure day on the premises upon arrival at the parking space. If a Customer parks their vehicle for a shorter duration than their booked period, they shall be entitled to a refund on the difference in price and to remove their vehicle from the premises immediately. If the vehicle is not picked up after 2 months and the Customer has not requested an elongated stay, Parkhof Hahn reserves the right to remove the vehicle from the rented parking space, move it to another parking area and to charge the Customer for the costs incurred.


Parkhof Hahn grants the Customer the right to cancel at any time. No cancellation fees shall be incurred if the Customer cancels prior to the agreed arrival date. The Customer and Parkhof Hahn are entitled to cancel the contract for good cause at any time. Good cause is deemed to exist in the event of illness, death, force majeure events, or a significant decline in either Party’s financial situation since the contract was concluded, including filings for insolvency proceedings against the assets of either Contractual Party, and in the event of reasonable doubt held by Parkhof Hahn that the use of the services booked by the Customer may jeopardize the operational safety or image of the company. The Party that exercises their right to cancel must inform the other Party of the good cause that justifies cancellation in this case without undue delay prior to exercising their cancellation right. Any claims for compensation are excluded in this case.


The Customer is responsible for ensuring they turn up on time. Accordingly, the Customer is responsible for leaving enough time to account for any delays they may experience when checking in at the parking facilities and transferring to the airport. Parkhof Hahn does not assume any liability for any losses incurred as a result (failure to arrive at check-in on time; missing the flight). The Customer shall be liable for any damage or contaminations they cause to the legal property of Parkhof Hahn, or caused by third parties, on the Parkhof Hahn premises and domains as a result of intent or gross negligence. Eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited on the airport shuttle bus. Parkhof Hahn reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of EUR 150 for any damage to the airport shuttle bus caused by the Customer. In accordance with statutory liability provisions (intent, gross negligence), Parkhof Hahn shall be liable for all damage culpably caused by Parkhof Hahn or its employees. All other liability is hereby excluded. The Customer shall indemnify Parkhof Hahn for damage caused by force majeure events, domestic and international unrest, war, or natural forces. Liability shall only apply in the event of ordinary negligence if the case in question can be attributed to a breach of an essential contractual obligation or cardinal duty in a way that jeopardizes the purpose of the contract. In this case, liability is limited to foreseeable damage typical for this type of contract. The Customer shall not be entitled to a reduction in the fee or compensation for damage if said damage is not reported immediately when the keys and vehicle are returned to permit the damage to be assessed. With their booking, the Customer warrants that their vehicle is covered by legally required insurance until it leaves the premises. Irrespective of fault, the Customer shall be held liable for all damage attributable to them resulting from technical defects to the vehicle parked on the Parkhof Hahn company premises (e.g., oil leaks, explosions, coolant leaks). If the soil or groundwater are contaminated, this shall be remedied by an authorized specialist firm at the Customer's expense. In this case, the Customer shall not be entitled to undertake the cleaning themself. The above shall likewise apply if the defects in question have not been included in the vehicle condition report or were previously unknown. The Customer hereby assigns its claims against third parties or insurance providers arising from damages to Parkhof Hahn in advance, provided that Parkhof Hahn is held liable for the respective damage.


Data collected when the Customer makes a booking is protected by Parkhof Hahn in accordance with the terms of the Federal Data Protection Act. The Customer consents to the electronic processing and storage of their data in relation to the contractual relationship. Their data will not be forwarded to third parties without their consent. Parkhof Hahn reserves the right to send separate information on its services, where required.

Final Provisions

Any amendments or additions to this contract are required to be written. Verbal assurances or unilateral amendments or additions undertaken by one of the Contractual parties shall not take effect. Lautzenhausen is the place of performance and payment. In the event that one or several of the terms of this contract are found to be unenforceable under the valid legislation, the unenforceable term shall be replaced by a valid, applicable term that pursues the intent of the original provision. The remaining terms shall remain unaffected by the above. This contract is exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Version: January 2018