All services offered by Parkhof Hahn are subject to the following terms and conditions. The version thereof valid at the time of contract conclusion, as well as the applicable legal regulations, is definitive. 
By making their reservation over the telephone, or at the latest when accepting the service (key and vehicle handover), the customer declares they agree with the terms and conditions, which may be viewed on the website (www.parkhof-hahn.de) or upon acceptance at the company premises.


These terms and conditions apply to all contractual relationships and services between Parkhof Hahn and the customer, who accepts the Parkhof Hahn services. Other differing rules, including from other terms and conditions, shall not be deemed valid. Insofar as these conditions refer to a price list, this price list shall be available for viewing on the website (www.parkhof-hahn.de) or upon acceptance at the company premises, irrespective of these rules.


All Parkhof Hahn services may be viewed online and booked by telephone or in person. A contract regarding the booked services shall only be concluded between Parkhof Hahn and the customer once a reservation has been made by telephone, or by no later than the time a service starts being used. If a third party makes the booking for the customer, this third party, as the orderer, shall, together with the customer, be jointly and severally liable to Parkhof Hahn for all obligations resulting from the contract. Irrespective of this, every orderer is obliged to pass on all booking-related information, particularly these terms and conditions, to the customer.


Parkhof Hahn is obliged to provide the services booked by the customer as part of these terms and conditions, and to perform the agreed work. The contractual purpose involves leasing out a parking bay (for cars or motorcycles) during the booked rental period in accordance with the conditions stated here. The vehicle key must be handed over in order for the service to be rendered. The key shall be stored safely by Parkhof Hahn until the customer returns. Storing and monitoring the vehicle, or other custodial duties, particularly duties of care, are not considered part of the contract. Passengers of the vehicles parked at Parkhof Hahn can travel to, and be picked up from, the airport terminal by shuttle (max. 6 persons) free of charge at any time. The shuttle is also available in the event of last-minute flight delays (arrivals and departures). A confirmed reservation grants the customer the right to park their vehicle in a bay at the Parkhof Hahn premises for the booked time frame. Once parked in the arrival/departure area by the customer, the vehicle will then be reparked in the short-term or long-term car park by Parkhof Hahn. Parkhof Hahn is thus entitled to drive the vehicle on public streets. The customer ensures the vehicle is licensed for public road use. Parkhof Hahn is entitled to have the parked vehicles removed from the company premises at the tenant’s cost and risk if, for example:

  • The lease agreement has ended and the tenant cannot be reached;
  • A parked vehicle poses a general risk as a result of defects (e.g. leaky tank, etc.);
  • A parked vehicle does not have police clearance, or has been taken off the roads by the authorities during the contractual term;
  • The vehicle has been parked illegally.

The general traffic rules apply at the company premises, including driveways and exits. The tenant must comply with the legal and police regulations, and follow the orders of the Parkhof Hahn staff. The tenant is liable for a parked vehicle in the event of oil or other fluid loss, and for all resulting contamination. In the event soil or groundwater becomes contaminated, this must be remedied by an authorised specialist provider at the customer’s expense. The customer is not entitled to perform the work themselves in such cases. Customers are not permitted to remain at the company premises. Using the parking bay for purposes other than parking authorised vehicles is not permitted, and nor is transferring usage rights to third parties.


Prices are calculated based on the current price established by Parkhof Hahn at the time of contract conclusion. This may be viewed on the company website (www.parkhof-hahn.de) or upon acceptance at the company premises. The price includes the legal VAT. Times are calculated based on calendar days commenced, starting from the moment the vehicle is driven into the parking area. The final fee for the approved service is based on the current daily rate and number of days booked, unless the customer exceeds the booked period – including when this overstay is through no fault of the customer. Parkhof Hahn can refuse to return the parked vehicle until full payment of the invoice, plus any applicable compensation for use. Parkhof Hahn is entitled to a lien on the vehicle and the items contained therein. Payment is made on site upon arrival at the car park on the day of departure. If a customer parks their vehicle for a period shorter than the period booked, they are entitled to be refunded the difference and take their vehicle immediately. If the vehicle still has not been collected after two months and a longer period has not been advised, Parkhof Hahn is entitled to remove the vehicle from the leased parking bay, move it to another bay, and charge the tenant the relevant costs.


Parkhof Hahn grants the customer the right to withdraw from the contract at any time. If the customer withdraws before the stated time of arrival at the company premises, no cancellation fee is charged. The customer and Parkhof Hahn are entitled to withdraw from the contract for just cause at any time. Just cause exists in the event of illness, death, force majeure, significant deterioration in financial circumstances after contract conclusion, the initiation of or application for bankruptcy proceedings on a contractual party’s assets, or justified concerns by Parkhof Hahn regarding the customer’s use of the booked services if these services jeopardise the company’s image or operational reliability. The party exercising this termination right must immediately advise the other party before terminating the contract for just cause. No claims for compensation can be raised in this case.


The customer must ensure they arrive on time. The customer must adequately allow for delays and waiting times in relation to transfers and processing at the car park. Parkhof Hahn cannot be held liable for resulting damages (late arrival at check-in, missed flights). As the transfer is a free additional service, no claims can be raised regarding its availability, particularly not for technical malfunctions. The customer is liable for damages it causes through deliberate intentions or gross negligence, as well as for contamination/staining caused to Parkhof Hahn’s or third parties’ legal goods at Parkhof Hahn’s premises or workplaces. Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the shuttle. In the case of contamination/staining caused by the customer in the shuttle vehicle, Parkhof Hahn is entitled to charge a cleaning fee of 150 Euros. Based on the legal liability regulations (deliberate intent, gross negligence), Parkhof Hahn is liable for all damages caused culpably by Parkhof Hahn or its employees. No further liability is accepted. The customer exempts Parkhof Hahn from its liability in the case of damages caused by force majeure, internal and external unrest, war and natural forces. In the event of slight negligence, liability is only accepted for damages if these are due to a breach of a major contractual obligation or material contractual obligation which jeopardises the contractual purpose. In these cases, liability is limited to typical, contractual damage. The customer’s entitlement to a price reduction or compensation ceases to apply if the customer does not immediately report this damage for recording at the time of key and vehicle handover. When making the booking, the customer assures the vehicle is insured as legally required until its departure from the parking premises. Regardless of fault, the customer shall be liable for all damages caused by technical defects in the vehicle parked by it at the Parkhof Hahn premises (e.g. oil loss, explosion, coolant loss). In the event soil or groundwater becomes contaminated, this must be remedied by an authorised specialist provider at the customer’s expense. The customer is not entitled to perform the work themselves in such cases. This also applies if said defects have not been included in a vehicle status report, or have not been previously known. In the case of damages, the customer transfers its own resulting claims against third parties or insurance companies to Parkhof Hahn in advance, insofar as claims are raised against Parkhof Hahn itself as a result of said damages.


The data collected during reservations is protected by Parkhof Hahn in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. The customer agrees for their data to be electronically processed and stored as part of the contractual relationship. The data will not be unlawfully shared with third parties. Parkhof Hahn reserves the right to send specific information about its services.


Changes or amendments to the contract must be made in writing. Verbal promises or unilateral changes or amendments made by one contractual party shall not be deemed valid. The place of performance and payment is Lautzenhausen. If one or more provisions of this contract proves to be legally invalid, this invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid, legal one coming as close as possible to the original in terms of intent. This shall not affect the remaining provisions. This contract is governed by German law.

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